Kideny Function Test (KFT)

A renal (kidney) panel, also known as kidney profile or Kidney Function Test (KFT), is a group of tests that help to  determine the health of the kidneys by evaluating various parameters such as proteins, electrolytes, and minerals. Kidneys not only flush out waste and toxins from our body through urine but also aid in the production of vitamin D, red blood cells and blood pressure-regulating hormones. Therefore, keeping your kidneys healthy should be a primary aim and this is where a Kidney function Test comes in handy.

KFT test is specially designed to ascertain how well the kidneys are functioning, and if there are any abnormalities that need immediate attention. Blood urea nitrogen, Serum urea , Serum creatinine, Serum sodium, Serum potassium, and Serum uric acid are some of the parameters that the Kidney Function Test determines.

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